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Gergeblah,- Atherosclerosis is the inflammation of the blood vessels of plaque buildup caused human ateromatus. Understanding up to date regarding the aterogenesis, the formation of atherosclerosis, inflammation is a process that occurs in the blood vessel walls, which occurs in several phases and stages. In the early phase, Endothelial dysfunction is occurring with the degradation of the bond and the Mosaic structure, thus allowing compound that is found in blood plasma LDL like to break through and settles on a sub-endothelial space due to increased permeability. Those with deposits will slowly shrink blood vessels in a cross section of a span of decades.

The presence of macrophages on the arterial intima ditelisik has a very vital role for the development of atherosclerosis, the secretion of various cytokine that accelerates the pathogenesis of this. Study results indicate that the scars of atherosclerosis is a fatty streak consisting of macrophages, a type of foam that is rich in lipids, called ateroma. Ateroma scars will evolve into a fibrous plaques composed of lipids that are covered by smooth muscle cells and collagen. The closing process was initially slow, but with the buildup of platelets and fibrin, this process will evolve even faster along with the mechanism of fibrotik-dependent thrombosis.

Two other words that are similar and often confusing is:
  • Arteriosclerosis, decreased elasticity of the blood vessels (arteries), as a result of thickening hialina vessels with a diameter between 40 – 150 μm causes stenosis is concentric in the vessel walls.
  • Arteriolosklerosis, decreased elasticity of the small blood vessels (arteriole)

The insulin resistance Syndrome sufferers and the early stages of type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis pattern shows an extensive and difusional, with an increase in the ratio of the peptide C. by consuming Obat Pembuluh Darah Tersumbat will stop the blockages and expedite the flow of blood in the blood vessels.

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